Pip Dress in Green by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

Pip Shirtwaister Dress

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Another absolute Classic 1940’s Shirtwaister Dress with original Bakelite style Buttons at the front and a belted waist for easy comfortable fitting, finishes just below the knee. The detail on this dress is sensational, beautiful Raised Ink circles printed exactly as the original piece in our archive and resembles hand beadwork. Made in our signature Crepe de chine fabric which is a 100% natural fibre.

Model is 5ft 5 and wears a UK 10

Pip Spec Sheet Seamstress of Bloomsbury

We suggest you care for our clothing in the same way you would for an original 40’s garment!

We recommend you hand wash the garment just as they did back in the 1940’s, although nowadays you can dry clean them instead if you wish!

Best not to dry them in direct sunlight or in an excessively hot place, as this can cause the natural yarn to twist and subsequently shrink. 

If you find you have washed or dried the garment too hot by accident, you can try the following method to regain the original size and fit.  Although this isn’t guaranteed to work, it may help!

1 – Please soak the garment in cold water with a very generous helping of fabric conditioner and leave overnight.

2 – Then, rinse the garment in fresh cold water and as you gently squeeze out the excess water, stretch the garment in both width and length as far as you can.

3 – Lay the garment flat on a towel to start drying slowly; but iron while it is still damp, again stretching in both directions. 

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