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What to wear to Goodwood Revival: 40s style!

Do you live in the UK and want to show off your love and appreciation of all things 1940s? Then if by chance you haven't heard of it before, Goodwood Revival will be just up your street!

Based at Goodwood Racecourse in Chichester, West Sussex, Goodwood Revival is a vintage event buzzing with history from the 1940s all the way through to the 1960s. The event was started in 1998 to celebrate both car and motorcycle racing that took place during Goodwood's golden era of 1948 till 1966.

Although the focus of the event is on the Motor Circuit, Goodwood Revival is very much about looking as fashionable as possible and we would highly recommend dressing up to match the vintage era of your choice. With so many iconic eras of vintage fashion to choose from it can certainly be a daunting task when deciding what to wear!

First things first, there is absolutely no need to feel self-conscious about 'overdressing' - there are hundreds of fellow vintage fashion lovers showing their love for the clothing and you'll fit right in! If you're lucky you'll get scouted by the 'Fashion Police' and you'll be able to take part in Goodwood's 'Best Dressed Competition' where fashion experts will choose the people with the finest, most authentic outfits and give everyone the chance to applaud the effort, work, and attention to detail that has gone into creating such stunning outfits.

Goodwood Revival's Best Dressed Competition

If you're thinking of styling yourself from the 1940s, we've created some outfit ideas to help get your creative juices flowing and give you the inspiration you need to create your own vintage look!1940s Tea Dress Inspo

1940s Tea Dresses are flattering for all body shapes, and can be extremely versatile! You can wear these dresses as a more casual day-to-day style outfit, but you can also accentuate further with matching accessories to give a more semi-formal look. Pair with a sun hat, a pair of chunky heels, and finish off with a pair of gloves to complete the look.

Want a bit more Hollywood glamour for your outfit? Our Lisa-Mae and Lilian dresses are examples of how the small details add that touch of elegance to help you stand out amongst the crowd. This style often features much lower necklines with a more fitted style as shown in our red Lilian dress, but there's also the option to go for subtle Hollywood sophistication through square jet-style buttons and a cream undercollar like our Lisa-Mae dress. Add a matching bag and peep-toe heels to feel like you're walking down the red carpet!

Don't worry if you aren't keen on wearing dresses, there are still plenty of options! During the 1940s Hollywood icons including Katharine Hepburn paved the way for trousers to be more popular and acceptable within women's fashion. 1940s trousers will flatter your waist with their high-waisted fit and wide-leg design and go perfectly with a blouse.

As Goodwood Revival takes place in September, there is a chance that the Great British weather could bring the sun out in full force! Our vintage style Lauren Siren Suit will keep you cool and fabulous. Accessorise with 40s style sandals and iconic circle sunglasses.

Goodwood Revival also hosts dancing sessions where you can jive and swing to your heart's content! If you're thinking of going for the vintage dancer look make sure you opt for a skirt or dress that makes a fabulous full circle as you're dancing. Any classic 40s style blouse will go perfectly with this look, but most importantly make sure you have a pair of comfortable heels! A pair of T-Bar heels are usually the go-to as they'll keep your feet nice and secure whilst dancing.

If the weather does decide to take a turn for the nippy side you'll want to keep as cosy as possible. A vintage jacket classic Houndstooth or tartan print will protect you from the elements and still look utterly stylish, or if you just want something to keep the cold at bay finish your outfit off with a slipover or cardigan.

1940s Hair and Make-up Inspiration

For authentic 1940s style rolls and curls are an absolute must. There are so many varieties of styles from victory curls to pompadours, but it's important to go with a style that you're most comfortable with as they can be tricky to execute by yourself!

1940s make-up can be as simple as a subtle winged eyeliner, filling out your brows with a touch of pencil, and finishing it off with a classic red lipstick. Eyeshadow was usually light and matched with your eye colour or the outfit that you're wearing - but don't be afraid to be bold with your colours!

Goodwood Revival also has its own salon and beauty parlour where you can book an appointment and pay a professional to give you a truly authentic hairdo and make-up if you aren't too confident in your own abilities. Do make sure to book these in advance as they are extremely popular!


Brand new for 2022!

This year Goodwood Revival has introduced their Revive and Thrive Village which will host workshops, demonstrations, and exhibitions! At the new lifestyle hub you'll be able to be part of the 'make do an mend' culture by attending sewing workshops, and even chat with experts in reviving time-worn belongings. More information on the Revive and Thrive Village can be found on the Goodwood Revival website.

Want to explore other outfit choices and gather some more inspiration for your vintage outfit?

Vintage Dancer has an extensive collection of history and style, Glamour Dazehas plenty of guides for hairstyles and make-up, and sites such as Pinterest have hundreds of ideas for you to explore!

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